Should you Use a Feedback Button on your Website?

Published: 05th July 2010
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Today, more and more companies, of all sorts, are putting their businesses online. The main difference is that potential customers visiting your website are not seen face to face. This often means that you cannot see how they react and they cannot ask questions or provide you with suggestions. The answer is by providing a feedback button on your website.

The best reason for using a feedback button is that those visiting your website will be able to leave you suggestions of improvements they would like to see, not only with your website, but also in some cases new products they would like you to offer. If your website is not smooth to navigate, the feedback form will allow visitors to provide you with their insight on improvement. The same goes with offering different products or services. You may at this time only provide the service of creating blogs or logos, your potential customers may desire a full-fledged website and all kinds of images. With their feedback, you will be able to give your visitors what they desire.

Too many times, you put up your website before you have tweaked all the functionality of the site, you may have typos or broken links. A feedback button will allow your visitors the opportunity to provide you with this important information.

The downside is you will, of course, receive some negative feedback. This is always an occurrence as there are those that love leaving bad feedback, whether it is true or not. The best way to deal with these individuals is to only pay attention if you have received more than one negative feedback issue on the same function or item. Then you should look into changing or upgrading the function.

Now comes the issue of ensuring your feedback button will be noticed. Too many times, the feedback buttons you can find online offer no type of customization at all. The idea of a feedback button is that your visitors will be able to see the button and realize you desire their feedback, good or bad. Choosing feedback buttons with customization options will ensure you can either match colors or make the buttons stand out from the page.

Remember, your "contact us" or feedback button should provide your visitors with a form to fill out instead of just an email option. Just because they are visiting your website and desire to provide you with their ideas or thoughts does not mean they wish to be placed on your mailing list by providing you with their email address. Offer your potential customers the chance to leave with feedback with a customized contact us or feedback button and you will see just how much this small function will add sales and visitors to your website. Everyone has an opinion; let your visitors give you theirs, which may provide a wealth of information for you to take your business to the next level.

A fast and easy solution to get a floating feedback button for your website is 123ContactForm. Using their free contact form generator service you can make an email form for your website and have a feedback button on every page.

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